Lunar Magic – Create your own Mario Level

Are you a Mario fan? Of course you are. Then you probably always wanted to create your own mario levels. I’m gonna tell you how to do it. Alright first you need to download the following:

Lunar Magic (the level editor)

zSNES (The SNES emulator)

Super Mario World ROM

After you’ve downloaded and unzipped all the files, you can start Lunar Magic and open the ROM. Now you can edit the level. If you don’t know how to edit a level, you can search for tutorials (there are plenty on YouTube). If you’re done editing the level, you can start zSNES and load the ROM. Now you can play Super Mario World with your own levels!

Note: It’s very hard to find a stable website that hosts the Super Mario World ROM. If the website is down, please leave a comment or sent me an e-mail ( and I’ll try to find a new one.