Have you always wanted to turn your favorite feeds into a personal magazine? You can do this with Tabbloid. On you can enter the feeds URL and it will show you the feed in a magazine form. You can also decide to let the website mail you the magazine

A web-based operating system

EyeOS is a web-based open-source operating system. It’s free to use and you don’t need to download anything. One of the benefits of such a web-based operating system is that you can access your desktop from every computer with a web-browser and an internet-connection. EyeOS has a lot of online applications built-in: two text-editors (one for .doc and one for .txt), an e-mailprogram, a FTP-Program, a calender, some games, a calculator, a feed-reader and a lot more. You can sign up for EyeOS at for free.

My EyeOS Desktop


On you can add all kinds of cool effects to your pictures. Most of the effects are free, but some require you to register a pro-account. You can upload a picture from your computer to add an effect on, or you can upload the picture from Flickr. After you’ve added your effect to the picture, you can download it, send it as an e-mail or upload it to Flickr. Registering an account is possible, but not needed.


Would you like to create your own map, easy and for free? Then you probably like CommunityWalk. On you can create your own Google Maps and embed them in your own website. You can also include photos or videos in your map. Registering is not required, but optional. Below the result of my experiment:

CommunityWalk Map – Test Map


Did you ever had an image, which existed from multiple colors, but you wanted it to just be one color? This is what magnigraph does. Go to and you’ll get a summary of all last created onecolored images. If you want to make such an image yourself, you need to scroll down and type in a location of an image on you hard drive or you can type in a URL of an image. Next, you need to press “Go” and your onecolored imag is created.


Do you like fonts? And would you like to make your own fonts? It’s possible with the web-based font-creator: FontStruct. As soon as you arrive on the website (, you first need to register an account. After this you must click on the tab FontStructor. On this page you can create your font. If you’ve finished creating your font, you can download it by clicking “Download”. After you’ve downloaded the TrueType-file, you must place it in “C:\WINDOWS\Fonts” before you can use it.

280 Slides

Did you always wanted to make professional presentation, but do you not have Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer? Or do you just want to try something else? On you can easily create your own presentation for free, you don’t even have to register! As soon as you arrive on the website you should click “Launch” if you want to start making your presentation.