Security Camera Setup

Do you want to have your own security camera system? Well, it’s possible for free with Dorgem, an open-source program for video recording. After you’ve downloaded the program you can use it to capture an image every few seconds. Also, if you don’t want the program to take that many images, you can also make it respond to motion with the motion detector. If the motion detector is on, it will only capture an image every few seconds for as long as it will detect motion.

You can download Dorgem here at

If you would like to read a tutorial or learn more about the program go to here.


ManyCam is a free program, which you can use to add cool effects to your webcam. You can find a demovideo of the program here. You can download the program for free here.


One of the nice things of Windows Aero is the Aero Flip 3D program, which makes it possible to switch between different windows like on this screenshot. But you don’t need to have Vista to have programs like Aero Flip 3D. You can download WinFlip for free here instead. WinFlip is a program, which will pretty much do the same as Aero Flip 3D does. And you don’t need Windows Vista to run the program, it’ll also work on Windows XP! Below a screenshot of the program:



Would you like to make your own games for free? Then you will be interested in GameMaker. With GameMaker you can create your own games easily. It’s even possibly to create games in 3D. You can download GameMaker here for free. Registering an account is not needed.


MidiJam is a free program which will play your MIDI-files. Besides that it plays the music in the MIDI-file, it also shows you the instruments in 3D, like your watching a real concert. You can download MidiJam here.


Did you ever had an image, which existed from multiple colors, but you wanted it to just be one color? This is what magnigraph does. Go to and you’ll get a summary of all last created onecolored images. If you want to make such an image yourself, you need to scroll down and type in a location of an image on you hard drive or you can type in a URL of an image. Next, you need to press “Go” and your onecolored imag is created.