There are a lot of websites these days, where users can post there own user-created content (varying from videos to comments). SocialMention is a search engine, that you can use to search most of these websites. So let’s say you wanna know on which of these websites your name has been mentioned. All you have to do is go to and type in your name, select the category in which you want to search (Blogs, Microblogs, Bookmarks, Comments, Events, Images, News, Videos, Audio, Q&A or All) and press search. SocialMention will then give you a list with all the sites you’ve been mentioned on sorted by time. You can also subscribe to a search query, so the website will send you an e-mail with updates every day.

Googling bad for environment

According to a research done by the Harvard University, two search requests done on the search engine Google, produce as much carbon dioxide as boiling a kettle of water. Every time you do a search requests on Google, it produces 7 grams of CO2. A recent research, done by the research firm Gartner, claimed that IT causes 2 percent of global emissions nowadays. In total there are 200 million search requests done on Google every day, that’s 1,400,000 kg of carbon dioxide every day. Google replied to this research by claiming that every search request would just produce 0,2 gram of carbon dioxide. And, if you do the maths, that’s just 40,000 kg of carbon dioxide every day.

Previously, it has been calculated that worldwide 8.3 megawatt hours could be saved, if the home page of Google would be black instead of white.


Viewzi is a search engine, which allows you to display the search results in multiple ways: Web Screenshot View, Simple Text View, Site Information View, Timeline View, 4 Sources View, Photo Cloud View and way more other views. The nice thing of searching with Viewzi is that the results are more well-organized and searching becomes more fun. Also with views like the Web Screenshot View, or the Everyday Shopping View you can already see some of the website without even clicking on the link to it.