New disc can store 500 GB

General Electric claims to have made a disc that can store a total of 500 Gigabytes of data. That’s around the data that would fit on 100 normal DVDs. The new technology has yet to be made in products that can be mass-produced at affordable prices. The company says that the price will be about 10 cents per gigabyte, which is nearly 90 cents cheaper than Blu-ray. Mr. Lawrence: “The price of storage per gigabyte is going to drop precipitously”.

Burning Sand – A sandbox simulator

A while back ago I stumbled upon a program called Burning Sand 2. Burning Sand 2 is basically a sandbox simulator, that will allow you to mix all kinds of elements. By example if you mix salt with water, you get salt water. And if you would heat up this salt water with some fire, it will vaporize the water into steam and leave salt behind. It’s also very easy to mod Burning Sand and create your own elements to mix up. You can download Burning Sand 2 at Burning Sand is, too bad, not available for Mac.