Security Camera Setup

Do you want to have your own security camera system? Well, it’s possible for free with Dorgem, an open-source program for video recording. After you’ve downloaded the program you can use it to capture an image every few seconds. Also, if you don’t want the program to take that many images, you can also make it respond to motion with the motion detector. If the motion detector is on, it will only capture an image every few seconds for as long as it will detect motion.

You can download Dorgem here at

If you would like to read a tutorial or learn more about the program go to here.

Google Chrome

Google has launched his own web browser: Google Chrome. Google tells something about the browser in a comic. Google Chrome is open-source, and Google says it’s designed to be a fast browser to display complicated interactive websites properly. Google Chrome also has an incognito mode (also know as “porn button”). This mode allows the user to prevend from websites, which he/she visited, to show up in the browsehistory. So far, Google has only releashed a Windows-version of Google Chrome, they say to be working on a Linux and Mac OS version.


Screenshot of Google Chrome

Screenshot of Google Chrome

A web-based operating system

EyeOS is a web-based open-source operating system. It’s free to use and you don’t need to download anything. One of the benefits of such a web-based operating system is that you can access your desktop from every computer with a web-browser and an internet-connection. EyeOS has a lot of online applications built-in: two text-editors (one for .doc and one for .txt), an e-mailprogram, a FTP-Program, a calender, some games, a calculator, a feed-reader and a lot more. You can sign up for EyeOS at for free.

My EyeOS Desktop


OpenLieroX is a free open-source worms shoot-em-up game. It’ll work on pretty much any operating system, including Mac OS, Windows and Linux. You can download it here. The download is coming with over 60 different levels and also has a multiplayer in it.