Lunar Magic – Create your own Mario Level

Are you a Mario fan? Of course you are. Then you probably always wanted to create your own mario levels. I’m gonna tell you how to do it. Alright first you need to download the following:

Lunar Magic (the level editor)

zSNES (The SNES emulator)

Super Mario World ROM

After you’ve downloaded and unzipped all the files, you can start Lunar Magic and open the ROM. Now you can edit the level. If you don’t know how to edit a level, you can search for tutorials (there are plenty on YouTube). If you’re done editing the level, you can start zSNES and load the ROM. Now you can play Super Mario World with your own levels!

Note: It’s very hard to find a stable website that hosts the Super Mario World ROM. If the website is down, please leave a comment or sent me an e-mail ( and I’ll try to find a new one.

XBOX 360 Repair Service

Two weeks ago (Saturday) my XBOX 360 had an error (code E 74). The customer support said that I needed to send my XBOX to the Microsoft Repair Centre in Frankfurt, Germany. So I did. On Friday a UPS van came to pick up the XBOX 360. On Monday, the XBOX 360 arrived in Frankfurt. On Wednesday, they send the repaired XBOX 360 back to me. And today, Friday, it arrived. It seems to work fine. So, all by all, my XBOX 360 was repaired in 13 days. With the repaired XBOX 360, I also got a 1 month XBOX Live Gold Subscription card for free. I think, that if you don’t count the days, that were needed to get my XBOX 360 to and from the XBOX Repair Centre, they repaired it pretty fast.

Burning Sand – A sandbox simulator

A while back ago I stumbled upon a program called Burning Sand 2. Burning Sand 2 is basically a sandbox simulator, that will allow you to mix all kinds of elements. By example if you mix salt with water, you get salt water. And if you would heat up this salt water with some fire, it will vaporize the water into steam and leave salt behind. It’s also very easy to mod Burning Sand and create your own elements to mix up. You can download Burning Sand 2 at Burning Sand is, too bad, not available for Mac.

Can my computer run this game?

Have you ever wondered if your pc can run a certain game? Do you want to buy a game, but you want to be sure that it’ll work on your computer? You can find out easily now. If you head over to, you can select a game and then click on the “Can-you-run-it?”-button. The website works best in Internet Explorer and might not work properly in Firefox. After the website has analyzed your computer’s specs, it will tell you if your computer is able to run the game and, if not, it will tell you why your computer won’t run the game properly.

The New XBOX Experience

As you may’ve heard, Microsoft is releasing a new XBOX 360 User Interface on November 19. This new interface will completely change the entire look of the XBOX 360. Also, it will add several new features. One of these new features is the ability to create your own 3D-avatar. And another feature is the Xbox Live Community Games. This feature allows gamers to create their own game and share them with the rest of the XBOX Live community. The new XBOX Experience is going to take up 128 MB of storage space. Because some gamers don’t have enough storage space on their memory card, Microsoft has launched the XBOX Storage Upgrade Program. This program allows these gamers to buy a refurbished 20GB Hard Drive for just $20! On this website you can check if you’re eligible for this memory upgrade.

Nintendo DSi

On October 2, 2008 Nintendo announced a new version of the Nintendo DS. The Nintendo DSi, as it will be called, will contain two cameras: one pointed towards the user (as a built-in webcam) and one pointed away from the user (as a camera). Also it will be possible to store data on a SD-card, which can be inserted into the device. Unfortunately the GBA-card slot will be removed, which will take away the device’s compatibility with GBA games and DS-accesoires which need an GBA-card slot. The Nintendo DSi will have its own internal flash memory and will ship with a built-in web browser. Pictures can be uploaded to the Wii’s Photo Channel. Also it will be possible to download games from an online store, called the DSWare Shop, and store them on the Nintendo DSi. The Nintendo DSi will first be released in Japan on November 1, 2008 for ¥18,900 (around $180) and somewhere around march for the rest of the world.


OpenLieroX is a free open-source worms shoot-em-up game. It’ll work on pretty much any operating system, including Mac OS, Windows and Linux. You can download it here. The download is coming with over 60 different levels and also has a multiplayer in it.