XBOX 360 Repair Service

Two weeks ago (Saturday) my XBOX 360 had an error (code E 74). The customer support said that I needed to send my XBOX to the Microsoft Repair Centre in Frankfurt, Germany. So I did. On Friday a UPS van came to pick up the XBOX 360. On Monday, the XBOX 360 arrived in Frankfurt. On Wednesday, they send the repaired XBOX 360 back to me. And today, Friday, it arrived. It seems to work fine. So, all by all, my XBOX 360 was repaired in 13 days. With the repaired XBOX 360, I also got a 1 month XBOX Live Gold Subscription card for free. I think, that if you don’t count the days, that were needed to get my XBOX 360 to and from the XBOX Repair Centre, they repaired it pretty fast.

3 Responses to “XBOX 360 Repair Service”

  1. xboxrepair Says:

    I waited 6 weeks for mine to get back to me.

  2. OekelWm Says:

    Man, that sucks.

  3. Henry Wood Says:

    Great Blog. Keep up the great work.

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