Burning Sand – A sandbox simulator

A while back ago I stumbled upon a program called Burning Sand 2. Burning Sand 2 is basically a sandbox simulator, that will allow you to mix all kinds of elements. By example if you mix salt with water, you get salt water. And if you would heat up this salt water with some fire, it will vaporize the water into steam and leave salt behind. It’s also very easy to mod Burning Sand and create your own elements to mix up. You can download Burning Sand 2 at siebn.de. Burning Sand is, too bad, not available for Mac.

2 Responses to “Burning Sand – A sandbox simulator”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Great game, just tried it out. I’ve seen this type of sim before, but it was on this site

  2. Natalie Antonina Says:

    This is the best game ever for girls and boys too. OK I am not putting any details in to this comment. You should just better try it yourself do please go on this site. REMINDER: http://www.moviestarplanet.com

    HAVE FUN !!!

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