Nintendo DSi

On October 2, 2008 Nintendo announced a new version of the Nintendo DS. The Nintendo DSi, as it will be called, will contain two cameras: one pointed towards the user (as a built-in webcam) and one pointed away from the user (as a camera). Also it will be possible to store data on a SD-card, which can be inserted into the device. Unfortunately the GBA-card slot will be removed, which will take away the device’s compatibility with GBA games and DS-accesoires which need an GBA-card slot. The Nintendo DSi will have its own internal flash memory and will ship with a built-in web browser. Pictures can be uploaded to the Wii’s Photo Channel. Also it will be possible to download games from an online store, called the DSWare Shop, and store them on the Nintendo DSi. The Nintendo DSi will first be released in Japan on November 1, 2008 for ¥18,900 (around $180) and somewhere around march for the rest of the world.

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