Google Chrome

Google has launched his own web browser: Google Chrome. Google tells something about the browser in a comic. Google Chrome is open-source, and Google says it’s designed to be a fast browser to display complicated interactive websites properly. Google Chrome also has an incognito mode (also know as “porn button”). This mode allows the user to prevend from websites, which he/she visited, to show up in the browsehistory. So far, Google has only releashed a Windows-version of Google Chrome, they say to be working on a Linux and Mac OS version.


Screenshot of Google Chrome

Screenshot of Google Chrome

4 Responses to “Google Chrome”

  1. Fast Eddie Says:

    How do you like the new browser so far?

  2. oekelwm Says:

    It are especially the looks of Chrome which I like, but there are still some bugs in the browser, which need to be solved. Except for that: I like it so far, and use it every now and then.

  3. Fast Eddie Says:

    What bugs have you noticed?

  4. OekelWm Says:

    Strange… Yesterday I couldn’t upload images to Flickr with Chrome, but now I can?

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